It’s not a secret that the main challenge for a cultural institution is to maintain its visibility, increase its audience and conceive contents that are more and more attractive to secure more income, and keep itself relevant in the public scene. As director you have a great responsibility, and the lack of resources will prevent your task. An empty museum is the worst that can happen to you and lack of funding is what can make you fail. 


We are experiencing a moment of complete change and if you don’t adopt the appropriate measures now the whole institutional project can fail spectacularly. Contemporary society demands us to be able to rise to the challenge to survive as a solvent and successful institution. Now is the moment to innovate to safeguard the institution and take her to the next level or disappear. All of this depends on you, and for this reason we offer you our specialized consulting so that together we confront these challenges and guarantee more viable and attractive projects. 

Art Institutions


Now you can make decisions so that your institution has more acknowledgement on a national and international level. Our experience and advice will help you with this challenge. Our Consulting will allow you to position yourself in the sophisticated and complex art world by enabling you to achieve the acknowledgement you pursue. We will identify together the adequate programing to make that forward leap in terms of visibility and reputation.

“The public art project Militant Nostalgia for the Toronto Nuit Blanche 2016 edition was a great success not only for the quality of the projects specifically conceived for the city but also because the curator was able to take into consideration the needs of the local audiences, which varied from adolescents to seniors. Through his multifaceted career, Paco Barragán brings an ingenious mix of flexibility, energy and know-how that allows him to think of innovative solutions.

Umbereen Inayet

Programming Supervisor, Nuit Blanche Toronto, City of Toronto.

Museum Director

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Plan your first free Consulting session in which you will receive a proposal adapted to the specific needs of your institution. This session will allow you to focus on aspects that will enable you to make a better program and attract a more varied audience, which will bring an increase in your revenues.

 This kind of Consulting session has been conceived to optimize the resources of your institution to the maximum by implementing different ways of connecting to your audiences and by pulling off a program that is more interactive, open and focused towards the needs of today’s citizens.

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